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Think you can ready your dog's state of mind?  Feeling confident?  Try this quiz  from the Mother Nature Network and let us know your score!  (I got 13 out of 19; woohoo!)

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COYOTE Sightings

There have been several sightings of a coyote in David Bartlett Park.  Read about it

Working Group for David Bartlett Park

 The first meeting of the Working Group for David Bartlett Park took place on 19 April in Manotick.  In attendance were representatives of the City of Ottawa, the Manotick Village Community Association, David Bartlett Park Dog Walkers Association and two local residents representing the impacted community.

While no Park issues were resolved per se, consultation within the Working Group will continue.  We do have an update on several items:

The waterline that was expected to be constructed at the southern end of the park next to Bravar Drive residences, will not occur until 2019.  The proposed fencing and on-leash corridor / bicycle path will be undertaken at the same time as the waterline, so this project will also be delayed until next year

The City is also proceeding with a design for the expanded Parking Lot.  Once the final design is complete, it will be shared with the Association. 

Dog Walkers' Association

Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday

As part of Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations, the Park received 150 maple trees, donated by the City of Ottawa.  Planting was completed in April.  The City requests that dogs not be allowed to urinate on the trees to ensure a health environment in which to grow and so that the roots take hold over the coming months. 

Working Group for  Park Use Consultations

Fall Clean Up

It's that time of year again - David Bartlett Park Dog Walkers' Association has officially registered for the Glad Cleaning the Capital event, which is also, coincidentally, an obligation under the "Adopt a Park" rules for maintaining our status.  Come join us on Saturday, September 30th from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  In the event of rain, the date will be Saturday, October 14th.  Gloves and materials will be provided.

Mark your Calendars!

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. at the Manotick Legion, Veterans Hall at 5550 Ann Street, Manotick.   This is your opportunity to take a more active role in the Association.  All positions will be up for renewal.

Archived Information

The Power of Poo

The City of Waterloo has been in the news recently with Mayor Dave Jaworsky endorsing “poo power” as an environment friendly means of reducing the amount of dog waste in landfills and generating a biogas that can be converted to energy.  Oh, and anything leftover is used for fertilizer.  A win-win-win scenario. 

The Pilot project will be undertaken at three sites in Waterloo, using a biological process called anaerobic digestion –organic material (in this case, poo) is broken down in an oxygen free environment, which then produces a biogas composed mainly of methane (CH 4) and carbon dioxide (CO 2) that can be converted into energy.  The gas is vacuumed out of the special container and sent to a processing (digestion) plant to convert into heat or energy.  Leftover manure can be converted into compost.

Interestingly, dog waste takes 10 to 14 days to biodegrade to the point of gas in the O-less (oxygen) environment.

The process is not new; there is anecdotal evidence that 10th century BC bath water was heated using biogas in Persia.  The first modern processing plant for anaerobic digestion occurred in 1895 in England and was used to fuel street lamps.  Rural communities have used anaerobic digestion to address the considerable waste generated by farm animals for decades. There are over 2200 sites producing biogas in the United States. 

Waterloo will bring it into the urban environment.  The pilot, if successful and cost effective, may be broadened to include other types of biological waste. 

According to the Canadian Biogas Association, there are currently has 88 biogas projects in Canada, of which 33 are in Ontario, 9 near Ottawa.

For a primer on the basics of anaerobic digestion, follow this link:

For more information on Biogas in Canada, go to

David Bartlett Park

Member Survey

In March the Association issued a member survey to all active members, seeking input into the organizations' short- and long-term goals.  The results are in!