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David Bartlett Park

Dog Walkers' Association

Each spring and fall we team up with Cleaning the Capital and the sponsor to make sure the park remains the beauty it is.  This is also an obligation under the Adopt-a-Park Program with the City of Ottawa.  The David Bartlett Park – Dog Walkers’ Association official adopted the Park in 2013..

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Saul & Otis

Past President

Photograph by:  Dave Marcotte

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Meet Our Team . . .

Most people know the dog before the person!

The David Bartlett Park Dog Walkers' Association ("Association”) was established on 26 April 2011 by a small group of caring dog walkers with the sole purpose of ensuring that the Park retains its off-leash designation by the City of Ottawa.  The Association adopted David Bartlett Park in April 2013 under the City of Ottawa “Adopt a Park” Program. 

The Association is composed of a democratically elected Executive and currently has over 150 active members.  An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each fall. 

Members are invited to make their views known via the Associations' Facebook Page, by email ( or by attending the Annual General Meeting.

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Councillor Scott Moffatt, Rideau-Goulbourn (Ward 21) has won the 'Ward Award' for both the spring and fall Cleaning the Capital campaigns for 2016.  This award is given out for each campaign to recognize the ward with the greatest participation in the Cleaning the Capital program based on project participants per capita.  Rideau-Goulbourn had 9.9% per capita participation in the spring campaign and 6.16% for the fall campaign.  This is the first time the award has been won by the Rideau Goulbourn ward and it is a great achievement to win both the spring and fall awards in the same year.  The Award was presented to Councillor Moffatt on 1 February 2017.  

Representatives of the David Bartlett Park Dog Walkers' Association were invited to participate in the award ceremony due to the large number of volunteers who participated in the spring and fall clean up activities at the Park last year. 

Congratulations volunteers - your efforts made the difference.