David Bartlett Park

Photograph by:  Lucien Delean Photography

Having an off leash dog park is not a right - - it's a privilege.

Section 11 of the Animal Care and Control By-Law 2003-77 stipulates that "Every owner of a dog shall ensure that the dog is kept on a leash and under the control of some person when the dog is on any land in the City." 

As the City of Ottawa has given David Bartlett Park the designation 'Dogs Allowed', as defined by the Dogs-In-Parks Designation Policy, the leash is not required while within the Park borders (excluding the Parking Lot); however, the law still requires that the animal be under the control of the individual.  This would also apply to Beryl Gaffney Park, which has the same designation.

Click here for a few words on Park Etiquette from the Association.

Over the past year, both the Association and the Rideau-Goulbourn Ward Councillor have received complaints from residents living near David Bartlett Park and Park Users travelling in nearby trails, such as Beryl Gaffney Park, which is also designated as Dogs Allowed. 

Park users are reminded that “It’s a dog park” is never an appropriate response for the misbehaviour of a dog (or dog walker).  If your dog is misbehaving, harassing people, entering private property, or generally not under your control, you should immediately address the behaviour, or, failing that, leave the Park and practice some new skills with your dog in a distraction-free environment. 

We will very happily welcome you back.

Park Etiquette

Dog Walkers' Association